Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Werewolf

Just a kickass song by one of my favourite bands - a weird little a capella with a schizophrenic build-up & some startlingly beautiful harmonies. It's part-folk tale, part-gothic setpiece, part-demented hillbilly ballad.You keep thinking it can’t get any more haunting or demented. It replies "Bollocks to that."

The song brings together violent animal sexuality and human guilt & moral anxiety - a common theme in modern werewolf myths, in which a very common trope is the afflicted's attempt to protect others from the monster inside them by locking themselves away during the full moon. This contrasts with earlier lore, which was just as likely to see them as evil and violent men, transformed by the Devil to wreak beastlike violence in his name.

Enjoy, and check out the Holy Modal Rounders, if you like the sound of hippies gibbering over strains of psych-folk.

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